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My Perfect Day in Washington

Ulysses US Grant Civil War Memorial on Capitol Hill in Washington DC

My Perfect Day in Washington DC

We all want to tick off the main tourist attractions, but if you really want to get under the skin of a city, you want the advice of a local. Dayonna Welch has been working at The Dupont Circle Hotel for three years, and has picked up some great city tips in her time as the Assistant Front Office Manager. We find out how she would spend her perfect day in the city.

Breakfast time

You’ll want to start the day right with a hearty breakfast here at the hotel. The Cinnamon Brioche French Toast with a side of scramble eggs and cheese is so good, you don’t even need syrup for the French toast. They lightly grill the tomatoes, which makes them perfect. I always have a side of orange juice because is freshly squeezed and it makes the whole breakfast come together.

Start the day

First off, I would walk through Dupont Circle from the hotel, because of how lively the circle is. You might see someone singing, dancing or a cute dog running around. Then I would keep walking down Connecticut Ave towards the monuments. When you get to the monuments, walk through them all and finish at Title Basin. You can skip the White House! This area is perfect during Cherry Blossom Season because everything is pink and white and you feel like ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

You should definitely try to see the monuments at night, too. Everything looks so different at night and it’s beautiful.

I always make sure I stop at one of the local coffee shops before going to Title Basin because I love to sit there and drink my coffee. It’s the perfect place to have a picnic also. 

Lunch at a local institution

When I am in the area I always go to Old Ebbitt Grill, the oldest restaurants in the city. They have great food and a huge lunch menu. It still has its original décor and reminds you of DC back in the day when there were cowboys (I wasn’t here then!)

Boutique shopping

I always stop in Patricia Fields. It’s a really cute boutique store with really nice pieces. The design and style is very unique but the quality is amazing. One day I complimented a lady on her outfit when she was in our lobby, and it turned out to be the owner of the boutique! I told her how much I love her brand. 

The Washington Monument

Happy Hour!

I always go to Circa for Happy Hour. They give great service and have a similar style and vibe to our hotel. They remember their guests and use our names whenever we go. DC is known for its Happy Hours, so there are always tons of places to go if you fancy a drink.

Dinner Time

For a great dinner in the city, I love Raku. They have a ginger pumpkin soup that’s amazing. I also really like going to our Café Dupont. Chef always creates a great menu that is focused on what is in season (read about his inspirations here).

Washington DC at night....

Hit the town

I love going to PARK. It’s always has a very diverse crowd with great energy and great food. Penn Social is also a great place: it’s like a Discovery Zone for adults. They have fun games that you can play alone or with friends, and a full bar with great cocktails. They always have a DJ playing great music and a dance floor. It’s a great place to finish up the night!

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