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Nicola Brady

My Perfect Day in Bristol

In our brand new series, we ask a member of staff from one of our hotels to describe their perfect day in the city where they live. 

First up is Chris Rutherford, a Junior Sous Chef at The Bristol Hotel, where he has worked for two years. 

unior Sous Chef at The Bristol Hotel - Chris Rutherford

9am: Breakfast at The Bristol Hotel

I occasionally get asked to run the Breakfast shift – I certainly don’t enjoy getting up early, but it does mean I finish earlier than most!  We try very hard to ensure that our guests really enjoy their first meal of the day – there is a great selection of traditional breakfast dishes including three choices of local sausages, together with the ever-popular smoothie of the day. 

I make a good omelette with cheese, chive and potato that guests always enjoy.

When I am off, I enjoy a café bar called Sahara on North Street – a couple of miles from the hotel – the owner is really friendly and provides a quality breakfast.  It’s served in a busy, buzzy atmosphere and there are always people to chat to.

9.30am: Time to get active

After a big breakfast, I would feel the need for a bit of sport, and enjoy a spot of rock climbing at RedPoint Bristol indoor climbing centre.  Who knows, with more experience you may find me climbing the famous Avon Gorge in time to come! 

11.30am: Put your feet up

After that, I’d wander back into the city centre and go to Small Street Expresso Bar – I enjoy their range of coffee. They always have their own coffee, but also on a daily basis they have two additional guest coffees to sample, all supplemented by delicious artisan cakes that are irresistible.

Midday: A quick pit stop

Christmas Steps is a nice little walk back in time, with small boutique shops, an art gallery and cider shop. It’s definitely a place you’d want to check out while you’re here.

1pm: Lunch

The Ox is a great place for lunch.  It’s famous for its meat, which is local and delicious.   Even better – you can often get a lunch deal so you have more money for shopping later! 

Fresh strawberry dessert from The Bristol

2.30pm – Flex the Plastic 

The Bristol shopping quarter is a great place to spend an afternoon.  As well as your normal chain stores, there is a really good mix of independent shops – perfect for that one-off outfit or present.  It’s easy to spend a week’s wages in an hour or two!

5pm: Cocktail hour!

I love The Rummer in St Nicholas Market.  As the name suggests, it specialises in rum and has a huge selection.  They make most of these into really interesting cocktails. If I’m in a gin mood then I’ll head to The Milk Thistle. It distils its own gin and does a great line in gin cocktails. My personal favourite is rosemary gin - pair this with rosemary tonic and WOW! 

7pm: Dinner time

This is quite difficult – being a Chef I am always looking for new things but being quite particular I also like my tried and tested places. Obviously our own restaurant is a fantastic choice, but there are some other great spots in the city.

In the Shopping Quarter end of town, the Harvey Nichols 2nd Floor Restaurant is great with menus to suit every budget. I am always looking for different ways of cooking and presenting food – it helps me assist the Head Chef with menu writing each quarter. 

Scenic view of Bristol

Traditional pub in Bristol

9pm: Hitting the town 

Working most Saturdays, I often find myself out on a Sundays when many places could be quiet.  However Bristol’s famous Park Street seems to be 24-7 and there is always a bar to meet at and enjoy with friends. Embargos or Yia Mass Bristol spring to mind – it’s a nightclub/bar with good music - small – but perfectly formed!

With all that under your belt, you’ll be more than ready for your bed! 

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