Wednesday, 27, January 2016

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The Dupont Circle

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Nicola Brady

Snowmageddon in Washington D.C.

Check out the winter wonderland!

Snow in the nation's capital

It was one of the biggest blizzards to hit the East Coast in decades, with snow reaching up to 3ft deep in some areas. Snowmageddon, as it has been dubbed, has left cities covered in a thick blanket of snow, the likes of which haven’t been seen in years. But while there has been huge disruption, both residents and visitors have seen cities like Washington D.C. as they’re rarely seen, and have been taking full advantage of it.

In The Dupont Circle, both guests and staff made the most of the storm by cosying up in the hotel, keeping close to the fire with movies, popcorn and hot chocolate to hand. But there was also an igloo built on the patio of the bar, for people to have fun outside! The hotel bar and kitchen were open for both guests and locals who braved the snow to come out for a warming meal (or cocktail!) 

All the while, the storm was filling the city with snow and these rather impressive icicles…


While everyone who could was keeping warm in the hotel, others were out braving the snowfall…

…and other people had to go to work too! Luckily, The Dupont Circle sent hot chocolate out to the TV crews who were out in the blizzard. 


The next day, the flurries had calmed down and everyone was out to enjoy the snow in all its glory.


Made it out of hibernation! ❄️ #jonas #snow #postblizzard #DC @uscapitol #snowpocalypseWP

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But no one enjoyed it as much as the pandas at the National Zoo! 


Tian Tian became an international superstar as the video of him rolling around in the snow was shared around the world.


Want to know what it all looked like from above? A satelite captured this image of Washington D.C. under 2 feet of snow.


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