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The Best Independent Chocolate Shops in London

We've scoped out the best chocolate shops London has to offer

As the looming presence of Lent starts to fade, and the welcoming approach of Easter comes to take its place, it’s time to scope out the best chocolate shops London has to offer

The wonderfully located Doyle Collection Hotels are surrounded by some of the finest chocololateries around. Your self-restraint will need to be at its utmost if you endeavour to purchase these chocolates without sampling the goods before Easter.



This gem of a find is only a short walk from the Bloomsbury Hotel, located in the beautiful Covent Garden. Now I know you should never judge a book but its cover, but the store is definitely as wacky and original as its name. With pots of molten chocolate on offer, and some of the most intricate, bespoke chocolate designs, this is a must for an Easter visit. The wonderful thing about Choccywoccydoodah is not just its name, it caters for diabetics, vegans and coeliacs without compromising on the taste. Dogs are welcome, and it even has edible glitter.

Le Jeune Chocolatiers 

Located in Covent Garden also, you can leave Choccywoccydoodah and step straight into the comfort of Le Jeune Chocolatiers. Now Le Jeune cuts to the chase, but in no way does it cut corners. With some of the finest handmade chocolates London has to offer, Le Jeune provides delicious chocolates, and some of the most beautiful and imaginative Easter designs possible, all artificial flavours and preservative free.



A brisk walk from the Kensington Hotel will take you to the fashionable Kings Road. Unsurprisingly this is where you can find one of the most unparalleled chocolate shops around. Rococo, an award-winning luxury chocolatier provides some of the most unique Easter creations around. With choices ranging from seagull eggs to Teapig matcha tea eggs, Rococo won’t disappoint when choosing quality treats for your loved ones.

Jeff de Bruges

Just a stone’s throw away from The Kensington Hotel, Jeff de Bruges is a perfect pop in. Jeff de Bruges is a children’s heaven, their Easter collection is an array of shapes and sizes, colours and designs, providing stunning chocolates, which are affordable, fun, and most importantly delicious.

Charbonnel et Walker

If you want your chocolate to match your stay, take a walk to Charbonnel et Walker, a chocolate shop almost as stylish as The Marylebone Hotel. Now this one you have most probably heard of, and for good reason. Famous for its pink champagne truffles, these luxury chocolates and hampers are as lavish as they get - the perfect gift for someone you really want to spoil this Easter.



You can find Godiva after a few minute’s walk from The Marylebone. This chocolatier goes back for years, with amazing history, beautiful chocolates, and a founder who kept the Godiva legacy alive, continuing a brand which has been handed down for generations.