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Elevating Excellence: The Doyle Collection Continues Its Great Workplace Legacy in 2023

The Doyle Collection are delighted to achieve the certification of being an official ‘Great Place to Work’ in 2023.

Hotel Staff Celebrating in The Bloomsbury, awarded Best Place to work in London,UK


What sets apart a workplace where employees don't just work, but thrive? Is it the vibrant collaboration, the constant source of inspiration, or the shared dedication to excellence? These are the defining characteristics that 'Great Place to Work', the world's authoritative voice on workplace excellence, acknowledges each year.  As we embark into 2024, The Doyle Collection is thrilled to announce its continued inclusion as a 'Great Place to Work,' marking the company's seventh consecutive acknowledgment, and the first time that The Doyle Collection has received certification in the UK, Ireland and US- all territories in which the group’s hotel’s are based. 

Renewed Recognition

Once again, The Doyle Collection stands proudly among the list of Great Places to Work, a pinnacle achievement within the world's largest people excellence program. This honour is a testament to the company's commitment to fostering a culture of care, dedication, and hospitality towards both our guests and our valued team members.

Hotel Staff in The Dupont Circle, awarded Best Place to work in London, UK.

A Group-Wide Achievement

In a remarkable achievement, The Doyle Collection was acknowledged as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in Ireland, the UK and the US.  What sets this recognition apart is that The Doyle Collection is a group of 8 hotels with 21 restaurants in the heart of 5 vibrant cities around the globe.

Methodical Assessment by Great Place to Work

The Great Place to Work Institute's rigorous assessment methodically evaluates organisations trust levels.  The Trust Index© Employee Experience Survey measures the extent to which an organisation is considered to be a great workplace by its people. 

By gathering qualitative and quantitative data on the employee’s perception of their work experience, the survey provides essential information that enables us to understand the workplace environment.  This thorough analysis benchmarks these practices against peer organisations, offering valuable insights into what makes a workplace in all industries  truly outstanding.

Alan Smullen, Head of People at The Doyle Collection, expressed immense pride in the company's certification as a Great Place to Work, emphasising the genuine care and dedication woven into the fabric of The Doyle Collection's ethos:

"I am truly honoured by our seventh consecutive certification as a Great Place to Work, and thrilled that all of our 8 hotels and 21 bars and restaurants are acknowledged as inspirational and nurturing workplaces. This accomplishment resonates deeply with our commitment to fostering an environment where every team member is not just an employee, but a valued contributor to our shared success. 

Team member from The River Lee awarded Best Place to work in Cork, Ireland.

It speaks to the dedication, care, and genuine hospitality that defines us - it’s the reason we all work in this amazing industry. We will continue to evolve, ensuring The Doyle Collection remains a place where our colleagues flourish both personally and professionally".

Ongoing Pursuit of Excellence

Earning the 'Great Place to Work' accolade for the seventh time propels The Doyle Collection to continually evolve and refine its workplace environment.  The company remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering an inclusive, supportive, and enjoyable space for its valued colleagues, staying true to its legacy of business excellence across six decades.

Perks and Opportunities

The Doyle Collection, recognised for its diverse and professional team, extends a myriad of perks, including discounted room stays, generous holiday allowances and innovative learning and development programs.  The company's commitment to the wellbeing and growth of its employees is evident in its continuous efforts to provide enriching opportunities for everyone, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals.

Acknowledgment from Cathal Divilliy, CEO, Great Place to Work, Ireland:

Cathal Divilliy, CEO Great Place to Work Ireland added "This is wonderful recognition for The Doyle Collection.  It is a testament to their commitment to their People, to their approach to increasing trust levels across their business and also to their journey of continuous improvement."

The Future

The Doyle Collection's ongoing journey as a 'Great Place to Work' underscores its unwavering commitment to building trusting relationships, nurturing fulfilled and joyful teams and delivering an unparalleled guest experience. As the company continues to fortify its brand message, it welcomes individuals who resonate with its ethos and values to explore exciting career opportunities within The Doyle Collection in Dublin, Cork, London, Bristol, and Washington D.C.

Bar Staff in The Westbury, awarded Best Place to work in Dublin, Ireland.


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