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The Dupont Circle Hotel - Interview with our Executive Chef

If there’s one thing you can’t miss on a trip to Washington DC, it’s a meal in  The Dupont Circle Hotel. Whether you tuck into a sumptuous brunch in Café Dupont, or enjoy a casual dinner with cocktails at Bar Dupont, your taste buds are in for a treat.

At the helm of the kitchens is David Fritsche, Executive Chef at the hotel. Originally from Switzerland, David was surrounded by food from an early age, with his grandmother owning a hotel in the Swiss Alps. After working in prestigious kitchens around the world, David came to The Dupont Circle Hotel in 2010. The food he prepares has influences from all around the world; from his childhood in Switzerland, the classic French techniques he learned, and the global flavours from his travels.

We chatted to David about his inspiration, the dishes he loves to cook and the food he loves to eat. 

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On what inspires him… 

Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients! Walking by a famer’s market and seeing what’s available each season inspires me. In kitchens, it’s not that you’re coming up with new dishes all the time. There are days where you may take an old dish you created many years ago, and just update it to suit current trends. At The Dupont Circle Hotel we always base our menu around what’s in season, and our specials change every day to reflect that and showcase the best ingredients we can source.

On cooking in America…

American cuisine has changed over the years, and has connected in a much deeper way with high quality food, and an education of food knowledge. As a French trained chef, I like to use my traditional French cooking techniques and adapt my style based on what people like locally, and what we have in season. 

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On the dishes he loves to cook…

My favourite dish to make? It all deepens on the mood I’m in! If I’m around my friends and family, I love to make a meal that isn’t very time consuming. This could be some Maryland crab in the summer, or a nice grilled rib eye. In the wintertime, nothing beats sitting around a table with some cheese fondue or a Swiss “rosti”. I also love a nice old French classic Beef Wellington.

On what he loves to eat when he’s out…

I’m very easy going though I can, of course, be very picky when I’m eating out! But if the food is cooked properly and seasoned right, enjoyed with a nice beer or a bottle of wine, then not much can go wrong. Sometimes it’s the simple things I crave, like a nice bowl of Se, for example.

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On the foodie scene in Washington DC…

The restaurant scene in Washington DC has exploded over the past few years. There are lots of new restaurants popping up on a daily basis. Some of these are really successful and there are some that are very great for the first six months. Lots of big shots (celebrity chefs from the USA) are opening restaurants in Washington DC and there are the classics which have been around for years.

On advice for home chefs…

Cook with love and passion. If it doesn't come out right the first time, don’t give up and keep trying. Have fun while you stand in the kitchen at home! Maybe have some music playing and a cold beverage on your side. Make sure you enjoy it! 

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