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Uncovering Londons Secret Streets

The streets of London

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London is home to some of the world’s most famous streets. The likes of Oxford Street, The Kings Road and Portobello Road are frequented by millions of visitors every year. But there are a number of hidden streets that are remain unknown to the tourist crowds. These hot spots remain as some of the city’s best kept secrets. We reveal some of the capital’s most charming secret streets to add to your London to-do list… 

Seymour Place 

After The Chiltern Firehouse became a London celebrity hangout, Chiltern Street is now one of Marylebone’s most favoured haunts. However, if you take a short stroll down the road you’ll find Seymour Place. Although it may not be the best shopping street, it makes up for it with gastronomic appeal. From a smart American diner to a fashionable wine bar and an old-school pizzeria, Seymour Place has an intriguing array of dining experiences.
13-minute walk from The Marylebone

St. Christopher’s Place

As you walk along Oxford Street, keep an eye out for a whimsical purple clock. This clock marks the entrance to an unsuspecting and narrow alleyway that leads you to St. Christopher’s Place. Home to a mix of shops, boutiques and al-fresco eateries, it is the perfect spot for some secret shopping just a stone’s throw away from Oxford Street.
3/4-minute walk from The Marylebone

St. Christopher’s Place, London

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Marylebone Lane

Lured by the bright lights of Marylebone High Street, many people walk right by the entrance of historic Marylebone Lane. This charming street is lined with a mixture of independent shops and well known boutiques. Alongside that, Marylebone Lane is home to some fantastic dining establishments, including The Doyle Collection’s 108 Brasserie and 108 Bar. Serving up a seasonal British menu and delicious cocktails it’s the perfect place to enjoy the buzz of this cosmopolitan community.
1-minute walk from The Marylebone

Lambs Conduit Street

Only a short walk from The British Museum and The Bloomsbury, this pedestrian lined street is filled with an eclectic mix of intellectual and alternative shops, where it’s not unusual for shop owners to offer a free glass of wine to its customers. From British-made menswear at Folk, to quirky paraphernalia and jewellery at Darkroom, Lambs Conduit Street offers a unique shopping experience.
14-minute walk from The Bloomsbury  

Marylebone street sign in London City

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St. Martin’s Courtyard

In the heart of Covent Garden, centred around an open air courtyard lies this urban oasis. A diverse mix of shops, day spas and al-fresco dining options have all been handpicked to create an exclusive shopping experience and with its regular events and promotions throughout the year, a trip is well worthwhile.
9-minute walk from The Bloomsbury

Berwick Street

Berwick Street is a vibrant shopping street located in the heart of Soho. Lined with vintage stores, bespoke tailors, traditional pubs and independent record shops, this street pays homage to the diverse nature of the London shopping and music scene. Berwick Street is also home to one of the capitals oldest markets where visitors can enjoy fresh food, artisan bread and a colourful array of flowers.
10-minute walk from The Bloomsbury

The streets of London City

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Kingly Court

This hidden Carnaby Street enclave is fast becoming central London’s hottest foodie destination. Kingly Court is a three-floored mini mall, playing host to an exciting collection of restaurants, bars and cafes. Many of these eateries are temporary pop-ups meaning there is usually a new opening most months, all more reason to make your visits a regular occurrence, just don’t let the secret out! 
12-minute walk from The Bloomsbury

Brompton Cross

If crowds on the Kings Road aren’t your thing, take a detour and head towards Brompton Cross. Famed for the iconic Michelin House Building, this area of South Kensington has become quietly popular over the years. Boasting an increasingly impressive selection of high-end fashion stores, excellent restaurants and intriguing art galleries, Brompton Cross is a little gem in the southwest of London.
9-minute walk from The Kensington

The need to find more authentic, independent and unique hotspots is on the rise, so why not use this guide to explore some of London’s best secret streets? 

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