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The River Lee

Where to go vintage shopping in Cork

The best spots in the city

Mother Jones flea market in Cork

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of picking up a really excellent vintage find. Whether you’re looking for the perfect 1950s dress or a rare old book, when you nab exactly what you’re after then it’s shopping paradise. And there’s nowhere quite like Cork city for vintage shopping – with a multitude of shops run by excellent curators, you’ll always find a little gem.

There’s even a special map designed specifically for vintage hunters. You can pick up a free copy in shops and cafés all around the city (as well as in The River Lee) to make your shopping experience that little bit easier.

With the help of this expert guide, we’ve sussed out some of the best places around town in each category…

English Market in Cork

Where to buy… homewares

If you’re looking for something for the home, then Quay Designs Interiors is the place to pop into. They specialise in quirky, hand painted furniture, so you can expect to see unique pieces that will brighten up any interior. As well as selling bespoke retro pieces, they also offer an upcycling drop-in service, so you can jazz up your existing furniture. 

Where to buy… clothes

Miss Daisy Blue is tucked into a corner right by the English Market, so definitely one to add to your list if you’re picking up some treats. With a huge selection of beautiful vintage dresses, ranging from 1930s right through to the 1980s, this is the spot to go to for a gown that will impress everyone, at a reasonable price. 

Where to buy… books

Are you a lover of old books? The Time Traveller’s Bookshop & Gallery is a treasure trove for bibliophiles, with plenty of rare books from the 16th – 21st century. There are also plenty of first editions in stock, making it the perfect place to look for a special gift.

Where to buy… vinyl

Records And Relics is a dream spot for music lovers, with plenty of retro vinyl covering 20s jazz, 80s punk, rock music, modern vinyl and everything in between. There’s also a selection of vintage clothes for sale, too.

Where to buy… a new hairdo

Need a new do to go with your accessories? At CHAIR Hair Salon, you can get the perfect retro hairstyle (with a side of tea and cake, of course).

Where to buy… everything

Want the convenience of everything in the same place? Mother Jones Flea Market is the oldest vintage market in Cork, and you’ll find everything there from antique furniture to retro jewellery. It’s held every Friday to Sunday from 10am-6pm, in Thompson House on York Street.