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Nicola Brady

My City: Dublin

We chatted to Karolina Pluta from The Croke Park Hotel, to find out what she loves about Dublin, her favourite spots, and the best memory she has of the fair city.

Karolina Pluta

What do you like the most about living in Dublin?

There’s always something on here, whether it’s a concert, a new show, or a festival... the list goes on! It’s such a multicultural city, too, which means you can easily experience any cuisine from around the world. You can go into an old Irish pub that’s owned by Korean family, who serve sushi alongside locals sipping Guinness.

There are many, many interesting people to meet, cultures to discover; it’s nearly like travelling without actually going anywhere.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a day off?

I love to get stuck into a good book and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

If the weather is nice you may find me in the Phoenix Park. I live just beside it and like to call it my back garden... It is great for exploring or people watching.

Some days I go to the city centre and wander the streets. I know this doesn’t sound like something a person living in Dublin would like to do, but there is so much more to this city than people know. Discovering new places, secret passageways, new graffiti art, listening to buskers... you never know what you might see.

Where do you think you can get the best coffee?

I love coffee and stay far away from the chain coffee shops.

I love Supreme Coffee on Manor Street, which really is about the art of coffee. They definitely know all about a good brew! It may be a little out of the way if you are in the city centre, but it is definitely worth it. Don’t count on an extra large frothy hazelnut cappuccino though – it’s not that kind of place!

3FE on Grand Canal Street Lower is another great place for a coffee and a bite to eat.

What’s your favourite memory about the city?

This won’t be a popular answer with most Irish people but as I love snow, I adored every minute of the ‘winter of the century’ we experienced here a few years ago. I was driving back home after a night shift and the city was so quiet – it was like it was sleeping under a blanket of snow. Only a handful of cars were on the roads as everyone was afraid to drive, everything looked like a slow motion movie... it was magic!

What was the best day you spent in Dublin, and what did you do?

I really enjoyed Culture Night in September last year. Arts and cultural organisations stayed open late with loads of free events, talks, performances and tours. There was a lovely street food and music at the Christchurch Cathedral, and a myriad of interesting things around the city. 

The Grand Canal

Where do you think you can get the best food in the city?

Dublin has fabulous restaurants with very good quality food at reasonable prices.  I eat out at least once a week and not only because I am too lazy to cook!

L. Mulligan. Grocer, Yamamori and Green 19 are probably my most ‘go to’ places.

Where is best for nightlife?

In Dublin? Anywhere! There is always someone having a drink and a bit of fun!

I love The Black Sheep on Capel Street and The Back Page in Phibsborough – for a drink and a chat.

When I feel like loud music and bit of wildness I go to PMac’s on Stephen's St. Lower and No-name Bar on Fade Street.

Where is your favourite place in the city?

I love the quays in the morning. When I used to work in The Westbury Hotel I would get off a bus on the quays on the way to work and walk across the Liffey to Temple Bar. The way the morning sun reflects in the river is just stunning.

The Quays Pub, Dublin

Karolina is a HR Manager at The Croke Park Hotel. She has been working in the hotel for two years, and has been living in Dublin for seven.