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5 Things to do in Cork

The must see attractions in and around the city

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Are you planning a visit to Cork, or thinking about heading to the Rebel County? We have a round up of the places you don’t want to miss while you’re in the city, with a few places to visit locally, too.

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English Market

No visit to Cork is complete without a trip to the English Market. You’ll find everything you could want under one roof, from a rustic loaf of soda bread to local cheeses. There’s also the fantastic Farmhouse Café, where you can enjoy a beautiful meal. But if the sun is shining, pick up some salads, local cured meats and set off to enjoy it on a picnic in the park.

How: Entry is free.

The Cathedral

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral dominates the cityscape of Cork, and Mary O’Brien (Food and Beverage Executive in The River Lee Hotel) says  a visit to the cathedral is a must for visitors to the city

“It’s a church famous for the murals on the ceilings, its stained glass windows, the 46-foot high Bishop’s throne and the 1870 church organ consisting of an astonishing 3012 pipes. Sometimes they also have Art Exhibitions to the back of the church.”

How: Entrance costs €5.

Fota Wildlife Park

Kids are transfixed by the exotic animals you’ll find living on Fota Island. There aren’t many places in Ireland you could expect to see a kangaroo, or a herd of giraffes, or a rare red panda. But you’ll see them all at Fota, where they all live happily in the Irish climate (and were picked for their ability to do so). Keep an eye on events being held, which happen frequently (particularly during the school holidays.) The addition of new animals is announced on their websites, too.

How: Tickets cost €15 for adults, or €9.50 for children.

The Festivals

It seems that barely a week goes by in Cork without a festival taking place. There’s the infamous Cork Jazz Festival each autumn, the French Film Festival, and Live at the Marquee for big gigs in the summer. And as well as the big hitters, there are smaller festivals throughout the year. Coming up soon is Glow: A Christmas Celebration, which is sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. There’s always something going on in Cork!

How: Prices vary.

Blarney Castle

It’s one of the most famous sights in Ireland, and one which keeps the visitors flocking to the area. Kiss the infamous Blarney Stone and you’re said to receive the gift of eloquence, but there’s so much more to Blarney Castle. Take a walk through the huge parklands, and pay a visit to The Poison Garden, which contains some of the world’s most dangerous plants.

Details: Tickets cost €13 for adults, or €5 for children.

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