DISCOVERY hotel benefits are the core of the loyalty programme; Local Experience awards are its true soul.

We believe that the best travel moments come from going beneath the surface of a destination and approaching it through a local lens. Local Experiences awards make this easier by connecting travellers to the people, places, and things that make a destination unique. DISCOVERY members are invited to uncover a world that few get the opportunity to explore.


Local Experience awards are complimentary and are rewarded based upon your membership level and activity in the DISCOVERY programme. Awards also vary by membership level – the higher the membership level, the more exciting and exclusive the experience.

• Members receive one Platinum Local Experience award upon reaching Platinum status, and another each year their status is renewed.

• Members receive one Black Local Experience award upon reaching Black status, and another each year their status is renewed.

• Platinum and Black members earn subsequent Local Experience awards every time they stay at a new DISCOVERY hotel brand; the Local Experience award will correspond to your current membership level.

LEARN MORE about the different membership levels on our  Benefits page. 

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