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Terrace installation featuring a rich, jewel-toned colour palette

The River Lee’s Winter Terrace Installation Will Raise Awareness of Light Pollution In Ireland

The River Lee in Cork is home to an immersive Autumn/Winter terrace, ‘To The Moon’ At The River Club, inspired by our fascination with the stars, space and the ancient inspiration of the moon on planet Earth. To help protect our night skies from light pollution €1 from each cocktail sold on the ‘To The Moon’ at The River Club Terrace will go to Blackrock Castle Observatory and Dark Skies Cork.




A honey bee sitting on a daisy

Our Commitment To Biodiversity

How our luxury hotels are committed to helping to protect biodiversity in our local communities and cities.


A canopy of flowers hang overhead at the Meadow Terrace at The River Club

Our Sustainable Irish Wildflower Installation

This summer we’re celebrating the natural beauty of Irish wildflowers at The River Club terrace at The River Lee in Cork, which will be turned into a rich meadow.