Sunday, 09, May 2021

Our Commitment To Biodiversity

Across the Doyle Collection, our luxury hotels are committed to helping to protect biodiversity in our local communities and cities.

These are some of the projects and causes, we are committed to so far and we will be updating this across the year.

The Westbury, Dublin
The dedicated team at the luxury hotel The Westbury are committed to biodiversity - they have helped support conversation efforts around wildlife and have participated in beach cleans.

Across the hotel, the team have instigated biodiverse planting, educated our colleagues about the importance of wildlife and biodiversity and recently have given team members flower bombs to plant at home.

THe exterior of The Westbury hotel


The Bristol, Bristol
The Bristol is proud to sponsor The Bristol Bee project, which helps our hotel sponsor a hive in an apiary with a beekeeper. This honey will form part of our Wellness tea and other food experiences at the hotel.

The Bristol supports bee conservation because bee populations are in decline despite the fact the pollination they do is key to food production. We want to contribute positively to the preservation of the environment and our local community.

The Bristol hotel at night viewed from the harbour


The River Lee, Cork
Colleagues at The River Lee have recently taken part in willow planting in Cork. Willow trees are essential for improving biodiversity, especially in bee populations. All willows thrive in damp and poor soil and are an important part of Ireland’s biodiversity, They sustain many moths and butterflies, the caterpillars of which feed on their leaves.

The River Lee is also going to sponsor the Charity Vita Bee project. Vita is a not-for-profit Irish organisation committed to redressing the impact of climate change on the most affected rural communities in Africa. Our summer terrace installation  will contribute to the Organic Honey Project in Ethiopia.

The River Lee is also looking at sponsoring beehives to make our own honey in a sustainable manner with Hivemind.

The Kensington, London
The Kensington in London has adopted a new mascot, a Mandarin Duck. Mandarin ducks populate our local green space in Hyde Park. Kenny, our mascot, appears on posters round the hotel and signpost the importance of the preservation of our wildlife.

Kenny the Mandarin Duck


The Bloomsbury, London
The Bloomsbury is dedicated to using sustainable ingredients, such as ethically sourced Original Beans chocolate in its  luxurious afternoon tea. In each of the locations where Original Beans buy their cacao, they partner with a charity or foundation that works with wildlife in the surrounding areas and plant a tree for every bar sold.

Afternoon Tea on Dalloway Terrace at The Bloomsbury