Monday, 19, April 2021

Find Out More About Our Food & Drink Goals

The Doyle Collection has a number of sustainable goals around food and drink across our luxury hotel collection.

Friends having brunch at The River Club in Cork


We plan on increasing our organic and vegan wines across our bars and restaurants, as well as increasing our local food produce and reducing our food’s air miles.

We are working on initiatives to reduce food waste and avoid excessive carbon or water usage amongst our suppliers.

We are looking to partner with innovative suppliers who are leading the way in sustainable practices and we are also adopting menus informed by environmental considerations across our group.


A table with 4 glasses of wine and food


Where does our wine come from?

As well as improving our organic and vegan wine choices, we are working with increasing numbers of vineyards who practice organic or sustainable farming.

We will also be offering more local English sparkling wines in our luxury British hotels and some of our Irish restaurants will be moving to a fully vegan or organic wine list this summer.


Coffee and newspaper


Where does our coffee come from?

We are moving to organic coffee capsules that are recyclable from London based ethical coffee suppliers, CRU Kafe, across all our British and Irish luxury hotels’ rooms and suites.

We are also working with Bailies Coffee Roasters, who source their coffee directly from sustainable suppliers, and pay more than 30% above Fairtrade.