Sunday, 09, May 2021

7 Reasons Why We Serve Rathfinny Wine From Sussex

Rathfinny is a family-owned Wine Estate, established in 2010 by Mark and Sarah Driver, dedicated to producing some of the world’s finest sparkling wines from a perfect site in Sussex.

At The Bloomsbury, The Kensington and The Marylebone we are proud to pour their low-intervention, Traditional Method, Vintage Sussex Sparkling wines are a true expression of their terroir. More than that, we’re proud to have partnered with such a sustainable British winery. 

A table with brunch and an open bottle of Rathfinny Classic Cuvee


Sustainability is at the core of their business.

Building a sustainable business is at the core of their brand. One of their brand values is Responsibility.

They see themselves as custodians of their environment and part of a wider community. They have committed to not only promote the success of the company but to have a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole.

Their mission statement clearly states that they are committed to producing exceptional wines and experiences, enjoyed the world over, that reveal the character of the family Estate in Sussex, using methods that are kind to the land, people, community and wider environment.

Wines are cooled using solar energy

There is a photovoltaic solar site on site which keeps wines cool during fermentation and their bottled wines at the correct temperature during on-lees storage, which all requires energy. There is a discrete solar farm built behind the Winery that provides a large proportion of the electricity used in wine production. Other parts of the wine estate are heated using air source heat pumps which are a much more eco-friendly way to heat interior spaces.

The winery has a green roof

The winery is planted with a mix of local South Downs grass and plant varieties to give it a green roof. This helps with insulation of the building and enables the winery to blend into the natural environment.

Rathfinny Winery with grass roof blending into the landscape behind


They are helping to protect and restore local biodiversity

Rathfinny have worked with Natural England, National Trust, Sussex University and South Down National Park Authority to enhance and improve the local habitat - maintaining and reviving an area of South Downs grassland and creating nature corridors across the land to improve biodiversity.

Their glass bottles are 20% lighter and made of recycled glass

Sparkling wine requires a thick glass bottle to cope with the pressure of the wine it contains. Rathfinny work with I+O who produce a bottle that is not only 20% lighter (880g) than the standard champagne bottle, but also a dark green oak colour, which helps reduce the risk of light shock when wine is in the bottle and each bottle is guaranteed to be made with a minimum of 80% recycled glass.

They are self sufficient with their water use

Wine production uses a lot of water. White wine is estimated to use some 3 litres of water per litre of wine and red wine production can use 8-9 litres per litre of wine produced.

Rathfinny chose to build their own wastewater treatment plant. Sunk below the ground in front of the winery, this facility can deal with over 3 million litres of wastewater per annum, making them self-sufficient in water.

The water is drawn from a bore hole at the bottom of the Vineyard slope, and the treated wastewater is fed back into the soil at the top of the slope.

Rows of vines at the Rathfinny Wine Estate


Rathfinny are aiming for BCorp status

Rathfinny are working towards becoming a certified member of BCorp. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. BCorps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

Find out more about Rathfinny here.