Thursday, 13, November 2014

Written by
Nicola Brady

A Day in the Life of Valentina Piana

Valentina Piana


I usually start work at around 3pm, because I’m kept busy most mornings due to having IELTS English classes. To be honest, I’m a bit lazy sometimes and catch a bus, but when forced I cycle to work. I’m one of the lucky few that live close by. I love restaurant service and I like the evening, I actually prefer to work at night. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere and there’s more interaction with customers because they like a good conversation… which is great because I’m a chatterbox!

Bar in The Kensington

The first thing I do is go into the office to check my emails…then start to bother my operations manager to see what’s in the diary for the day ahead! 

I start in the office with many tasks like checking the figures, roster and upcoming bookings. After that I just head straight for the floor. I start with afternoon tea service and then move into the restaurant with my colleagues, or if I am the only manager on the floor I will float between the sections. When service is finished I start to do the closing while the staff complete their duties and set up for breakfast. The last thing we do is to have a small briefing, where everyone gets the chance to express their opinion and see where we can all improve. We usually go out for a drink before go home. 

Dining in The Kensington

Interacting with guests is a key part of my job, and it is also the most enjoyable part and one of the reasons I decided to work in the hospitality industry. There is no specific time when this happens, because I’m always mixing with the customers, so it could be in the lift while I’m providing room service, or serving a table in the restaurant, or a drink in the lounge.

The busiest time of the day starts at 3pm and lasts until... let’s say… closing! Jokes aside, with afternoon tea in the drawing rooms and enquiries it is always busy and I always have something to do. But I’m happy to do it because I’m an energetic person and I enjoy running around! I’m also pleased to be part of the team and help my colleagues out whenever they need it.

In the evening there is no specific finishing time, because it depends on the business and how busy or quiet the hotel is. We've been known to have some very late nights! There is a closing time for the bar area, but the lounge is open all night long for hotel guests, and if it gets busy we will stay to help the night staff. I’m also glad to say that all my evening staff are more than happy to help out and stay longer if needed because we all work together as a team to achieve a memorable customer experience.

Cocktails in The Kensington

We're a very close team. Every time I get the chance I go out everyone for couple of drinks before we go home, just to relax after a long day and have fun together.

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