Weddings at The Dupont Circle

Alli 1
Alli 2
Alli 3
Alli 4

Alli & Greg

“The Dupont Circle succeeded in giving us the wedding of our dreams. The hotel’s simple elegance, boutique approach to events and stellar service made the wedding planning process a breeze. David was a joy to work with! We couldn’t have wished for anything better for our wedding.”

Leigh 1
Leigh 2
Leigh 3
Leigh 4

Leigh & Stephen

“We had a great experience, so I would definitely recommend the hotel to friends. I was pretty stressed out about the planning process, and David put us at ease with a clear timeline for managing to-do list with the hotel. Overall, the hotel staff was extremely professional, so friendly, and accommodating throughout the wedding planning process. David always had great suggestions and was responsive anytime we had questions. We couldn’t have asked for more!”

Marissa 1
Marissa 2
Marissa 3
Marissa 4

Marissa & David

“The most consistent compliment from our friends and family was about the entire hotel staff and how welcome they felt the entire weekend.”

Leah 1
Leah 2
Leah 3
Leah 4

Leah & Emily

After nearly a year of health issues and setbacks, they were ready to plan their wedding.

“We came upon The Dupont Circle by a stroke of luck … It was everything we wanted and more.”