Weddings at The Dupont Circle

Leah 1
Leah 2
Leah 3
Leah 4

Leah & Emily

After nearly a year of health issues and setbacks, they were ready to plan their wedding.

“We came upon The Dupont Circle by a stroke of luck … It was everything we wanted and more.”

Marissa 1
Marissa 2
Marissa 3
Marissa 4

Marissa & David

“The most consistent compliment from our friends and family was about the entire hotel staff and how welcome they felt the entire weekend.”

Alli 1
Alli 2
Alli 3
Alli 4

Alli & Greg

“The Dupont Circle succeeded in giving us the wedding of our dreams. The hotel’s simple elegance, boutique approach to events and stellar service made the wedding planning process a breeze. David was a joy to work with! We couldn’t have wished for anything better for our wedding.”