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The Good Shopper

Caroline O Donoghue outside of Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart

When shopping in Cork, be sure to pop into my mum’s gorgeous little sweet shop on Paul Street, Sweet Heart. She opened it shortly after I moved to London and I’m so proud of her for making such a destination shop – particularly as it seems like almost everyone is selling ‘novelty’ sweets these days. Browse around this treasure trove of goodies, with every sweet treat you could wish for, along with many old reliables from my childhood like Cleeves Mint Crisp Bars and Pez. The ‘cakes’ made of jellies and gummies make for show stopping gifts, too.

Caroline O Donoghue inside Pinocchio's


Believe it or not, Pinocchio’s was my first ever job as a teenager growing up in Cork. It’s filled with wonder & nostalgia, and as a grown woman, I still can’t resist the miniature furniture for doll houses – classics only please, no mini smart phones for me.  Think whimsical mobiles, the softest plush toys, retro looking glasses, and puzzles, jigsaws and board games. It’s a beautiful way to reconnect with your inner child or treat the little ones in your life.

Caroline O Donoghue in Olori Boutique

Olori Boutique

Sisters Lisa & Susan Jane have created the chicest boutique in Cork on Oliver Plunkett Street, filled with modern, modular shapes in cool neutrals offset by statement bold colour. Their clothes and accessories are impeccably selected thanks to the discerning eyes of this dynamic duo – who are a pleasure to chat to as your browse their store by the way. These ‘forever’ pieces are well worth the investment, or even to lust after on a window-shopping excursion in the city.

Caroline O Donoghue at The English Market

The English Market

By no means a hidden gem, The English Market is iconic for a reason. Artisanal bread, traditional butchers where you can find the rarest and most interesting cuts of meat, the unmistakable smell of salt water from the fish mongers as well as many other cuisines from the world-over. It may be one of Europe’s oldest covered markets, but nothing showcases the diversity & evolution of Cork like The English Market. Be sure to stop by The Real Olive Company for a taste of some of their delicious goodies, many of which feature on The English Market Sharing board back at The River Club.

Caroline O Donoghue outside Nine Crows Vintage

Nine Crows Vintage

Sometimes, you want to shop in a place that feels like you’ve walked into an episode of Clarissa Explains it All, and that’s exactly how Nine Crows Vintage feels. Bleached denim for days, candyfloss hues as far as the eye can see, and the odd Dynasty-esque shoulder pad thrown in for good measure.  A handpicked 90s and 00s vintage heaven is their motto, and they deliver it in spades. Shopping sustainably has never looked so good.