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Flavours of Cork

William Murray

William Murray is a home cook, food writer and one half of Curabinny. Hailing from the brand’s namesake, a small harbourside town, William grew up with a love for sailing, fishing, and the outdoors. Learning from a young age the value of good produce and its origin from his beloved Mum Breda, William has carried this through to his career in food and writing.

Despite leaving for moves to Limerick and Dublin, William often returns to Cork, a city from which he has a huge connection and admiration. Whether visiting family, or playing tour-guide for friends, he believes Cork is, in his opinion, the best city in Ireland.


Caroline O’Donoghue

Literary Cork

Caroline O’Donoghue

Caroline O’Donoghue is an author, screenwriter and host of the award-winning podcast Sentimental Garbage. She hails from Cork, and is currently living in London.

Caroline is a New York Times bestselling author and winner of London Book Fair’s Podcaster of the Year Award, as well as having featured in The Sunday Times 30 under 30 2020 listing.

It wasn’t until her move to London that the author became aware of just how influential her formative years in Cork had been to her unique creative voice and perspective on life. Her most recent novel, The Rachel Incident, is set primarily in Cork – the narrative is richly permeated with nostalgia and love for the city and its streets.

Now, Caroline’s trips home to Cork mostly involves catch-ups with family and re-experiencing parts of the city with completely fresh and mature eyes.

Caroline is a longstanding and beloved guest of The River Lee, returning time and time again to experience the home-like comforts, local food and drinks, and warm, inherently Cork-welcome.

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Jo Linehan

Sustainable Cork

Jo Linehan

Jo Linehan is a journalist, editor and digital creator born in Cork, but living in Dublin. Jo’s passion for making sustainable living accessible through design, shopping and travel has led her to write for some of the most highly prestigious titles in the country. Jo is the editor of the CLIMATE supplement with The Sunday Times Ireland, a columnist for Irish Country Magazine, host of sustainability podcast The Futurist, and the founder of circular retail brand, GAFF Interiors. In her spare time, Jo is studying an MSc in Management for Sustainable Development in Dublin City University.

Jo’s love of Cork runs deep. From her upbringing in Mallow, to her now regular visits for catch-ups with friends and family, and her love of shopping in the city – it never fails to fill her cup. A longstanding guest of The River Lee, Jo returns again and again for the stylish design, delicious local food and friendly Cork welcome.

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