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Caroline O'Donoghue in The River Lee Hotel in Cork

Weekend Curators: Caroline O’Donoghue’s Literary Weekend in Cork

Caroline O’Donoghue was born & raised in Cork, and now lives in London. Caroline is an author, podcaster and screenwriter.


I’m a Cork person, a fact about myself that I thought was deeply unimportant until I moved to London. After a few years away, I found that everything I wrote – from my young adult fantasy series All Our Hidden Gifts, to my adult novel The Rachel Incident – was strongly informed by growing up in Cork city. So, while 90% of my visits home are spent staying in my parents’ house and seeing family, every once in a while it’s lovely to try and see old parts of the city with completely fresh eyes. This is where The River Lee hotel comes in: a couple of nights there and I feel like I have a new take on the place I grew up in. 

When creating these offers with The River Lee, I wanted to ensure that they were enriched with the feeling of nostalgia that I experience when I’m back in Cork. Many of the places I’ve mentioned in my curated weekend have deeply inspired me and my works over the years. I hope you enjoy visiting them just as much as I do.


Book the 2-night offer and follow along with my 48 Hours in Cork guide, or stay for one night, and relax with delicious cocktails and afternoon tea.


Caroline O’Donoghue

Weekend Curators: Caroline’s 2-Night Stay

Stay 2 nights with breakfast each morning, and a dinner in The Grill Room on one night. Enjoy a walking tour of University College Cork’s campus and tickets to climb the Shandon Bells.


Caroline O’Donoghue

Weekend Curators: Caroline’s 1-Night Stay

Caroline’s 1-night stay is perfect for those who want to explore the city at their own pace. Enjoy a luxurious overnight stay, with cocktails in The River Club and a sumptuous afternoon tea.