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Seamus Heaney – Listen now again

This exhibition at the National Library takes the visitor on a multi-sensory journey from Heaney’s origins through his remarkable poetic career. It houses an extensive archive of Heaney documents and features Heaney’s original manuscripts as well as letters, unpublished works, diary entries, photographs, note books, and multi-media recordings.

06 July
31 December

Mary Swanzy, Voyages

Mary Swanzy, Ireland's first modernist painter will have her works displays as part of the Modern Irish Master series at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. This is the first extensive retrospective of Swanzy's work since 1968, which hopes to show her work in a new perspective. 

26 October
17 February

The Great Gatsby

Following a critically acclaimed award-winning sell-out run in 2017, Jay Gatsby is back to throw another glittering party this winter at The Gate. This prodcution gives F Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel a whole new spin. In this incredible immersive experience, The Gate will be turned into Gatsby's Mansion with all its decadent opulence and atmosphere. 

15 November
21 January

Dublin Art Book Fair

With the theme of Art and Architecture Interwoven, the Dublin Art Book Fair will be filled with books on art, architecture and related subjects from select Irish and international publishers, limited editions and more unusual and difficult-to-find artists' and architects' books.

23 November
26 November