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people cycling beside the Grand Canal in Dublin

Grand Canal Way Cycle

Cycling on the Grand Canal offers a unique mix of urban and rustic experiences right in the centre of Dublin city. This route links the period houses of Portobello to the newly developed Docklands area, with plenty of scenic stops along the way for lunch or dinner including local gem Locks and The Barge Pub. Another must see for magpies is the legendary Christy Bird’s which stocks a treasure trove of curios and antique furniture. This is the perfect way to experience the city at your own pace.  

locksrestaurant.ie |  thebarge.ie |  christybird.com

01 January
31 December
inside Marsh's library in Dublin

Marsh’s Library

A lesser known treasure celebrating Irish literature, Marsh's Library is a beautifully preserved building from the early 18th century that is one of the last in Ireland still used for its original purpose. Highlights within the library include the ‘Bram Stoker and the Haunting of Marsh’s Library’ exhibition, which delves into the books Stoker consulted as a teenager that provided the inspiration for his most famous tome.


01 January
31 December
Jameson Distillery Bow Street Dublin

Jameson Distillery

A visit to the Jameson Distillery in the heart of Smithfield is a must –see for whiskey and history lovers alike. Guests can choose from a variety of activities -  from a distillery tour, a premium whiskey tasting experience, learning how to blend your own take-home whiskey, mastering the craft of whiskey cocktail making or even drawing whiskey straight from a Jameson cask in Dublin's only live maturation warehouse. 


01 January
31 December